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Me and Andrade by blitzmitzvah

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Me and Andrade

On 8th October, 2007, a glowing sphere of light, rapidly changing colors, landed in a rural town in the city of Guwahati, in India.

A lone boy observed this sphere's flight, in the lull of rural night .He had been focused intently on the dense and rude forest on the hill behind him, hoping to hear high pitched monkey speak. What is the first image that pops into your mind when you read the word "monkey"? That's exactly what Guwahati monkeys are like, utterly unremarkable. That's what makes them unique, the boy thought, and why he never feared them. Even when they dangled precariously from overhead branches when the family would eat outdoors, and the boy would offer them food : his parents would admonish him and tell him at length about the dangers of so much as meeting their gaze. The boy never believed them.

The sudden emergence of the light over the hill caused him to start a little and fixate his attention on it. He saw it fly in a rainbow arc, over his disproportionately large domicile; disproportionate for the rural town of Changsari, and hover inches off the pond that overlooked the house . Against the dark and tranquil water body, the sphere's radiance grew and the contrast lent the entire scene an ethereal and breathtaking air. The sphere had appeared to be the size of a basketball and it's motion was smooth and slick, if it was being controlled by intelligent forces, it betrayed no signs of hesitation. The succession of changing colors soothed the boy and induced a light hypnosis, he felt entranced and great attraction towards the surreal sphere. He had never seen anything like it. He could do little more than watch in disbelief, it was 5 hours past his sleeping time and he had sneaked out. He could not fathom waking his parents up and risking admonishment, for what amounted to a beautiful light show. Moreover, his rational mind was regarding it as a mere curiosity. By all accounts,the boy had reasoned,it was a just blotch of illumination, some vagrant trinket of nature. He probably would have forgotten all about it in a few days. If the sphere hadn't seemingly opened up, that is. If something hadn't come out of it, that is.
The left side of the sphere evinced a fissure, as the light seceded in the manner of a slit. In a few moments, a vague and indistinct silhouette, reminiscent of a hominid, became apparent against the brilliant light of the sphere . The silhouette evinced movement and it was certain that an intelligence had emerged. The boy, who had as yet had little reason to ascribe sentience to the sphere and had contemplated it as purely a natural phenomenon, was gripped by an unknown terror. He was completely alone and it was hours past midnight. The fear arrived swift and sharp, in sweeping currents of cascading magnitudes,and drove all thoughts away. He felt a sharp desire to run away, but the fear rooted him in his spot. The silhouette moved out of view. He let out a deep sigh, realizing that he had been holding his breath as he did so. He strained to lock on to the being again and craned his neck at stilting degrees, but in the dark his visual acuity was not much better than a blind man's. Anything that wasn't a rapidly changing lightshow was as good as non-existent, at least at the distance the boy stood from the lake, which the boy gauged to be around a 100 metres.

You are just seeing things. It was nothing.

The boy shook his head and told himself that there was nothing out there. Just as he had almost convinced himself, the being itself grew radiant, though it's luminescence far outmatched that of the sphere, and announced it's presence in the middle of the water body . Simultaneously, the sphere vanished,as if the sphere's glow had been subsumed by the being. It was as if the boy was looking into a giant dark room, the being fluorescing under black Light,visibly distinguished and the starkest of objects. The boy's fright resurged, but in a characteristically different manner. Although it still fell in rising torrential sheets and the boy's stomach dropped farther still, the fear was becoming a mere biological function, losing association with the boy's heart. There was something gentle about the light with which the being was aglow, that was putting the boy's heart at ease. The being started moving unilaterally in the general direction of the boy. With each step, the boy's fear would deepen, but it would be alienated by the same degree, coursing beneath a bank of numbness erected by the surreal glow.

Just as the radiant being was about to step onto the narrow stretch of asphalt that ran between the pond and the boy's house, it finally dawned on the boy. The pond was not shallow. Local fishermen were regularly witnessed wading in the chest deep waters. The boy should never have been able to view the full length of the hominid being,and yet he did. He had seen cleanly the walking motion of the being and the boy reached but one conclusion: the being had been walking on the pond. Soon, it would do something far more fantastic .

Past the asphalt,the perimeter of the boy's house was marked by a tall fence, constructed of bamboo painted green. Of the same bamboo, was constructed a small gateway in the fence,to which led some very long steps from the entrance of the house. The steps were necessary as the house had been constructed on the foot of a hill, the entire terrain was an incline, rugged and broken abruptly by stony extrusions . The boy anticipated the being to enter through the gateway,if it was indeed going to enter the domicile .but it did not deviate from its straight trajectory an inch and entered straight through the fence, as if the fence were naught or it itself were not! The boy could scarcely believe his eyes and wondered whether he was dreaming.

So it is coming for me

The being wasn't done. Having covered a third of the way, the being traversed the rugged incline with unnatural ease. It had nary a need to strain to find meaningful footing, it's path was a transparent plane which facilitated a most graceful gait. Turgid breaks it rendered naught, and maintained a smooth and measured pace . All the random herbs and shrubs it encountered, it simply went through, unblemished. At about 10 meters, the boy judged it to be about 6'2 or thereabout. He could not discern much else, the fierce light occluded all details . It strode to cover the final metres, and it's radiance grew even fiercer. The being stopped right in front of the boy. So bright was it's light, that the boy could barely bear looking at it in the face. He could not discern any detail in the face at all, it was all just light. The light itself, he noted, seemed alive. It was moving and had the sort of rhythm which is un-orderly yet graceful. The being was peering straight into the face of the boy, but the boy could not see any eyes, or expressions . But he felt serene. The numbness he had felt earlier had transformed into a serene frisson. No trace of the fear could be found. The boy felt like he could drown into the beautiful light of the being, and it would be the most beautiful drowning that ever occurred. Looking at the faceless face of the being, he couldn't imagine that it could pose any danger. He felt stupid for fearing it so. He felt a great desire to associate with this strange and wonderful inconnu. He wanted to be aflame and wrapped up in this wonderful light too, light that almost seemed saporific.

The boy stared into that burning face for a good minute. Then suddenly, the illumination vanished and he could properly see it. Aside from a few differences, it perfectly resembled a human male. It was smiling. It was brown skinned and had what Indians call a "Bindi" in the middle of its forehead . The bindi or circular mark was a feature of its skin and not merely applied topically . The bindi was blue hued and had the same life to it as the radiant illumination had had.The being was clothed in a full body diaphanous suit,skin tight and blue hued, possessing the same sort of "aliveness" and dynamism. On both of his arms were present, between the elbow and the wrist, three equidistant blue hued rings, half a centimeter in width.They looked a tad effervescent, though the boy was unsure how. The boy was unsure of a Lot of things. And yet so enthused and in the pangs of lasting frisson! The boy found the being absolutely marvelous and just as wondrous as the appearance of the sphere had foretold. The boy looked into its eyes and found two charcoal black pupils looking back at him, lovingly. The smile was as "unadulterated" as a parent's, the kind of look that places no burden and asks for nothing from the recipient. The experience was beginning to feel much more like a reunion than first contact. Strong emotions surged within the boy. "have...... we.. met before?" the boy absent mindedly broke the silence Then, realizing the absurdity of his question, started a little, and wished he had led with a different question . The boy didn't even know if it could speak English, or any language at all.

way to go to introduce yourself

The being spoke, and to the boy's astonishment, it's answer was a lot more bizarre than the boy's question.

"we are never apart .I am always everywhere. I was unmanifest to you, now am I manifest . No variance".

"Is... that..so?that sounds a little... Loopy..and,I have so many things to ask you! Who are you? What... Are..You?! What was that light?!Are you an alien?!and you can speak English!,Can you speak--
The boy was cut off mid sentence by the being's laughter.

"I sense your elation and confusion.I am elated to meet you as well,suddu.You have a lot of questions.Rest assured,in the time to come,I will answer all." the being said and flashed his genial smile again.
"I am you and you are me" it continued,very-matter of-factly,"Have you truly forgotten?I will help you remember,the genesis point and the truth of being.You can call me an alien if you want,I have certainly traversed many ,many planets,but you and I are the same,for we are source."

"you...are....me?",the boy was wounded by confusion. It made no sense to him.He could hardly process what the being was telling him, he was too excited; almost hyperventilating.Why was the being speaking in contradictions?

"I can speak whatever can be spoken.I can go wherever can be gone.So can you.On most planets I traverse,I have no need for language.Telepathy is very common throughout the universe.Oh,Why am I here?",the being said,looking intently at the boy,"Indeed,Why am I here?" the being raised his eyebrows a little and laughed. "Well,let's find out,shall we,Suddu?"

The boy gawked at him in disbelief, still the big ball of incomprehension he was a minute ago.

He can read my mind?! What if he sees I think my parents are stupid?! Shit! No! Don't think!
Focus on the breath

"I am..sorry,I still don't quite understand", the boy said,a little sad to be letting this wonderful being down.

"You are not letting me down,little Suddu! In fact,you have already grasped all that I say,you just do not know it yet. You have always known this message,and always been ignorant.For they are the same.Relax,and take this journey with me.It is as much for me,as it is for you.It is as much my pleasure to behold you as it is yours to behold me."

The boy felt a little relieved.
"You have been reading my mind,haven't you?" the boy said, feeling funny that he hadn't freaked out about it and that felt...odd. He couldn't believe the ridiculousness of the conversation he was having.

"Yes,as you conceive of it.In truth,I only read myself" the being replied.

What the hell?what is it that he can't do?

"Nothing" said the being nonchalantly, catching the boy severely off-guard.

The boy stared at him, mouth hanging awkwardly, half-open; pondering the implication of the being's answer. There was no hint of irony in the being's statement at all. He seemed to be serious.

Nothing?! Like really...nothing?!

"....you....know.....",the boy said slowly,"...I....might...just...believe you,I mean....you did just walk on...water...and it's alright,I do not mind you peeping in my inner world",the boy said.

"I already know. Your parents must be wonderful",the being said with a smile.The boy laughed.The boy had great respect for the being's abilities and for the being itself.He wished he could have some abilities himself.He was excited to take the journey with the being, as the being had put it.He felt like his reality was about to change immensely.

That boy was me. On 8th October, 2007,aged 2 more than 10 years,I met Andrade. In fact, he didn't have a name, I had to give him one. He is what you would consider an alien, but he didn't consider himself one, and neither did I by the end of our association. Yes, he had a gender. But he showed me how the forms and shapes we take are inconsequential and irrelevant. He taught me how to think my way to a world devoid of thought. Had I never met him, you would not be reading this. Why are you reading this? Because you are interested in aliens? I will admit, Andrade was pretty interesting, perhaps far more than you would even suspect a supposed alien to be. He was able to interest me in myself, perhaps he will do the same for you. What follows is an account of my association with him.

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Blog: Me and Andrade by blitzmitzvah

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Thank you, TheDels25.76K for hosting this long read.
It's such a bizarre experience that I can't even fathom titter
blitzmitzvah2349 , thank you for writing it out, maybe you got a knack for sci-fi, in addition to Shakespeare pirate
Finally got an Internet connection! biggrin
I might not be able to blog, upload or be active in the community. think
So enjoy this user's blog!
Are you on some desolated island? do you need help? signal me, do something. are you held captive? if yes piss in a cup and upload it to us so we know somethings wrong.

what is it man?
I am grateful to Dels for hosting this, and of course to you (Mimi) for hearing me out. Your comments are most welcome!

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I liked it a lot and want to read moreclapthumb_upbiggrin
Thanks everyone! , your comments are much appreciated. There will be more.
A roller coaster ride on the sea of emotions ..
remembered an old story ..maybe read somewhere
but Truly its different ..thats what it is -a different experience that will give u a big punch.. lollol inloveinlove
What, and you didn't want to leave Earth for a space adventure??? I would jump on such an opportunity any time!
Maybe I did leave?
Jeez, I didn't thought about that...and did you? And if you did, can I come, too?

This read was quite....surreal I must say.
Probably because I never experienced anything like it and also remember nothing from when I was two.
Great read and hoping to read many more from you.
Wonderful one blitzmitzvah2349 . Your tastes are subset of mine. Hoping to read more from you thumb_up .

Now dels.. good job buddy . It was a nice read. Seems you are getting into the talent hunter business.chuckle

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Hmmm... reminds me of an evening out I had with the boyz back in the day and my drink got spiked at the bar...
Very well written...
Looking forward to more chapters...
Thanks to all involved...
Love this kind of stuff...

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An interesting and well articulated piece. Part of a continuing story yet no indications of where it is from? It is interesting in its many parallels with other stories I have read. Thanks blitzmitzvah2349 for the story and thank you TheDels25.76K for hosting it for us.
A very interesting, different sort of read from what I've seen lately. Thanks to both the author and the host. clapsmilethumb_up
Thank you, TheDels25.76K for hosting this long read.
It's such a bizarre experience that I can't even fathom titter
blitzmitzvah2349 , thank you for writing it out, maybe you got a knack for sci-fi, in addition to Shakespeare pirate
A storyteller always helps another storyteller.
I am grateful to Dels for hosting this, and of course to you (Mimi) for hearing me out. Your comments are most welcome!

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