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Pokemon GO!(ne wrong)

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So you may have heard of this app called "Pokemon GO!"
Personally, I don't like the app.
Mainly because its Pokemon and Pokemon is shite.
Its an AR game, meaning you must use your camera to play the game.
Here's the thing with Pokemon GO!, you will go around the World looking for that specific pokemon for you to catch..

Not for the risk of your own bloody life!
A youtuber by the name of "Lanceypooh" went on a Pokemon GO! hunt.
Unfortunetely, he and his friends that were with him at the time..
They were nearly SHOT TO DEATH.
Because apparently, they were traspassing personal property.
And you call me a fanatic..

(Skip to 3:30)

And speaking of personal property...
Nick Naires (mostly known as UnstoppableLuck for his Trolling and Griefing Videos on Youtube) has his house visited by Pokemon GO! players.
This can cause problems.
I know Nintendo doesn't have a way for them to monitor the RNG of Spawn Locations.
But at least don't make things like THIS HAPPEN!

Here's a link to the article:

Yes, that is correct.
There is only one way I can describe this:

Just.. Just.. Why are some people such dumbasses...?
When we become this stupid over something equally as stupid like Pokemon GO!, it just makes you question. "How the hell did we become the dominant species on Earth?"
Because if our current, young GENERATION is doing stupid things like this over things like Pokemon GO! or Mario GO! or Sonic Gotta GO fast! or whatever without being monitored on what they're doing with it..
Stupid things like this can escolate..

Nintendo, I am being serious.
Fix. Your. Shite.
Or else, you're going to be in serious trouble.

Now, I am not here to tell you to not play Pokemon GO!, play it at your leisure.
But please, don't be stupid..
Don't be facking stupid when playing it..
There's a reason why we have a brain.
Its to avoid shite like this from happening..
So please.
Stay safe, and goodbye.(If you want to discuss about this issue, please be civil. This blog is not meant to attack anyone affiliated with this app. I am simply giving my personal opinion on Pokemon GO!, which has been blowing up and is currently surrounded by plenty of controversy.)

It just got worst...

Dear God people!
You're risking your life over a Digital Monster!




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Blog: Pokemon GO!(ne wrong)

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well would you look at that, i found Squirtle in my pants.
I'm not at all affiliated with this app, I'm much more awesome than that lol

You need to read the book "The Marching Morons". Darwin has lost.
Here in LaLaLand, it's a daily occurrence, and people don't care anymore. There will be a dumazz driving, walking whatever, looking at their phone, and having an accident.
If you have these dumazz types in your yard looking for imaginary monsters- it ain't the game's fault These folk need to be neutered, and you need a couple of big dogs.
It's not gunna be removed from the play store. lol Have you seen how much malware, adware and general bs is in the store.

I used to report them back when I was devving mobile apps, but Google never acted.

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Pokemon on TV is good.

Pokemon Movies is very good.

so pokeballs is a thing .evil
I never got what was so great about Pokemon, even when they first came out ages ago. I just don’t understand what the thrill is.
I don't own a phone so I can't play! I won't be caught in the frenzy!
I hope this is a fad because it's just so sad...

There is actually a way to toggle the AR, so it isn't necessary.

Second of all what is Nintanic going to do about kidnappings because of Pokemon Go? Take responsibility, or just blame them for not watching themselves.

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the abductors are just trying to catch em all too yo!
but instead of a balls to trap them in...
they have vans

"How the hell did we become the dominant species on Earth?"

We are similar to ants.You read right, ANTs. Socially similar, of course.
Did you know that ant do war? Only ants and humans make war. There is even one theory that claim that capitalism is similar to ant´s society and communism to monkey´s society.
Like ants, our society don´t actually need that everbody use the brain. We can be perfectly functional if majority only follow trends.
I don´t mean that we are fine, we´re just functional this way.
About pokemon go:
I find amazing how people don´t actually can know when they control the game and when the game control them.
Del, my friend, this problem is not new at all. It happens all the time with MMOs. Some MMOs even reward people who spend all night awake playing the game titter
It´s just another game with a lot of Skinner Box (see psychology). Notthing new really.
Don´t take me wrong. I strong belive that everbody should have one hobby.
It look like paradoxoal that you should have a hobby to avoid addiction. But a good hobby can actually save you from all kind of addiction if you are careful to:
Never become slave of your own desires.

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Turns out you don't really have to point camera at someone, if you torn off the Ar mode. Though at the time i'm writing this, it has been showing server down error for hours.
After playing the game for two days, what I came to realize is that, the most important thing in Pokemon Go is Pokeballs. I ran out of them, now I either have to fight in a gym and gain XP to level up to get some pokeballs or for the first time do an in-app purchase.facepalmfacepalmfacepalm what a mess.
And how longs it going to be before we have a kid pointing his fone at a fat(sorry,pcness,overlarge)person and shouting"Mum,look,a Snorlax!"
Seriously,if you want to play a game that has you roaming round busy roads,looking at your fone,trying to catch a Mew,or whatever,while ignoring the fast,heavy,objects going past,or round you,you deserve to be run over,and taken out of the gene poolevil
The sooner,the better,and I still wouldn't likz you,as you probably taste of pokepoo!lol
However,if they brought out a yu gi oh! version,where you could run across a busy motorway,whilst shouting out"Exodia-OBLITERATE" before you get squished by a truck,I'm all up for thatthumb_up my first dislike from thisthumb_up
Seriously though,If it was about the fat thing above,I apologize,I have nothing against overweight,obese,large etc etc peeps,I consider my self to be a bit overweight,only a bit thoughwave.
If it was about the pokemonz,well,in that case,I don't give a ****finger

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Seriously,if you want to play a game that has you roaming round busy roads,looking at your fone,trying to catch a Mew,or whatever,while ignoring the fast,heavy,objects going past,or round you,you deserve to be run over,and taken out of the gene pool

Dude, who the hell will do the slave work???
Seriously, society always used slaves and nowdays is not different. Some slaves even are dumb enought to protect their own slavement.

Last edited by emulador, 13 hours ago

I see your point,at least you replied,even if you pressed the wrong buttonrofl
you just gotta roll with it like mr magoo

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