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RESEED - I need Seeders or a Re-Seed PLEASE! V3

Thhaque414.91K KAT Elite Staff
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09 April 2012
Thought I would make a THREAD for people looking for a re-seed on a torrent, this way we could keep you all in one place and make it easier for people to look at..

Tip : If it's a torrent uploaded by a member of KAT and/or a Member who downloaded the said torrent (Check comments for members name/s) you could Politely ask Them/Him/Her via a Message!.

Update: This thread is for asking for a re-seed on a torrent you’re trying to 'obtain' not for promoting your own torrent or asking people for seeding your new/old torrent. If you need help with your own please visit: Thread: **Adopt an uploader Program v13-- For all Users to Help**

And also read the rules and also we have a releasers section where you can create your own thread and promote Releasers
Let's keep this thread to it's original ReSeed, thanks.

No XXX torrent request on this thread, request at here: Thread: Adopt an XXX uploader

Former V Threads? -Here!
ZombieQueen111.8K Forum Moderator
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18 April 2013
Been try to get this one for awhile now, thank-you in advancesmileclap
LawFlirty62.68K Translator
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04 December 2014
DHT and PEX and other tracker hardly have any seeders left,
Reseed request has already been sent to the uploader Please keep the torrent running in your utorrent client,
give it some time it will catch up the speed..and you can also send a polite pm to the uploader regarding reseed for this torrent.

You can also try the alternative ,if you want to ,it has good seeders-
All the Best & have a great day..:)

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oxhand10.96K Super User
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23 August 2012
If you want to stick that movie, then check your trackers. It has one seeder on this tracker: udp:// ... check to see if you have it. If not, then I suggest you add it and then re-start your torrent program.... or you could download and use the newly updated torrent file (not the magnet)
oxhand10.96K Super User
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23 August 2012
Been try to get this one for awhile now, thank-you in advancesmileclap
I'm not much help when it comes to this one... If I recall you prefer XviD only (Unless you got one of those WDTV live players :-) ... anyway... There are 3 XviD's of that movie on KAT. ... I had all three of them running for the last couple hours and I have seen no action at all. I looked at a couple other sites and found no active XviD's...It isn't a very popular movie but there is a couple x264 torrents with a 1 to 2 seeders you could watch on a computer. (Although they are 3D rips and I have no idea what they are like)

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steelballz37.57K Super User
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23 April 2013
for this torrent, the uploader posted on his wall 4 days ago that they'll be reseeding their torrents soon. I wasn't even able to find another torrent in hindi for you.
that uploader hasn't been on in over 4 years so I doubt that you'll have any luck getting it reseeded.

is indexed so there's nothing we can actually do. All of the Bridget's sexiest beaches torrents I've found are dead. Unless someone who happens to have those files sees your reseed post, you just might be outta luck - sorry

You can always post a new torrent request in this thread tho...

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