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User Please Beware : Fake KAT is on prowl..

KnightinKat48.49K Translator
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28 August 2012
Dear users,

While the site was having a small downtime, a quick google search and some posts in facebook led me to a site which claimed to be Kickass Torrents.

If the site you are trying to log into is not then do not click any links or sign in. Up to now there have been no other official KAT sites.

Just today (May 14, 2015), Mr.Pink announced that we will have some new proxy sites up and running shortly...

Some fake sites to avoid at all cost - these have been tested and are FAKE:

New "mirror" or "proxy" or other sites are popping up all of the time, do not trust any one of them except the official ones mentioned at the top.You can trust them and thank the admins later :)..
Also do visit to see the official proxies and the current status of the site.

Having gone there and in my first glace I could identify it as a fake one. But it had ripped not only the torrents but also the user infos, user walls etc..

This site does not have a community / a login option

here are some examples:



and mine too: titter


From this you can understand these are old ripoffs. Maybe 8 to 9 months old..

and setting all this things apart

when you try to download a movie or torrent, what do you get??

ha ha this:

when you try to reach this fake site, by a typo mistake (Please always check http:// for valid cert though, so you know you are actually on KAT ;)

Crazy one:

I have been here for almost two years, and even though thats not a long time I do know for sure that Kickass Torrents is a free community, and you need not have to share your contact details like phone number/credit card information.

This are the sites which i was talking about

Users please be cautious about fraudulent and scam sites like these.And if you do find some sites like this feel free to report to the admins.
you can find them<<--here..

Here are others to be aware of:

these are the things i get when i try to access the sites - these sites are all fake:



Asks for Captcha when downloading and also asks you to log in. and

Asks for creating a free account to download torrents (or access the contents) (AVOID)

Peeps from India might find it difficult to access KAT through the official site if they are using broadband/3G services from BSNL. Please use the safe proxies listed above or check for more safe proxies.

kAT can be accessed through the official website

and other mirror sites put up by the site admins friends and wellwishers.

So happy torrenting. Be safe

lEdit : Updating list of sites :) Thanks to each users who provide the links :)
And thanks to mods for keeping this thread updated.

Also, huge thanks to war59312542 for the long list..
You can check that here -->link:
Credits to [UNDEFINED]374 for hosting and updated list.
Since this a LONG list of sites and most of them unrelated to kat (there are indeed some KAT fakes in that list.. Most of them already covered here),I am not including it to the thread.

Also , peeps, do make sure that you check the warning while accessing external sites from here,
as it says, if that site looks like (o, then that may be malicious ..


Thanks again for reading :)

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ElBrado32.2K Former Translator
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07 April 2014
thanx mate for the information biggrin
i really appreciate it
Hellboy157.89K KAT Staff
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10 February 2011
i've seen similar sites before, there was another in the forums a few months back (can't remember the link to it now).

thats why when KAT goes down for any reason, i just wait till its up again.

EDIT: here is the THREAD

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SawantVinayak441 Uploader
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10 January 2014
thank you guys to bring back again
horrified is it downtime or my ISP ban
Yulzz5405 Uploader
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31 December 2013
Thank You Very Much for The Information. :)
swasipa761 User
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24 April 2014
Thank you 4 sharing that info!!
zeke23333.32K KAT Elite Mod
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20 February 2012
well done thanx for the heads up KnightinKat48.49K
DancingGirl1261 Uploader
posts: 327uploads: 0
09 May 2014
Thanks for the info! smile
bfab77.09K Uploader
posts: 4276uploads: 278
24 October 2012
Thanks for the Info mate.
Krish5027 Uploader
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04 October 2013
Nice report.. Thanks for the info..

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