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What are you reading right now?

Mr.White9254 User
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12 October 2009
Well this one wont be as popular as music and movie, but we definitely need one.
ModelBehavior9 User
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14 November 2009
The forum postings. Does that count??? LOL. :D
Mr.White9254 User
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12 October 2009
Well I don't know, but Wikipedia definitely counts! :)
Ara781169 Uploader
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28 November 2009
Terry Pratchett: "The colour of magic" and all other discworld stories. A very funny (heroic-)fantasy world.

Roger Zelazny: "The chronicles of amber" (10 books). Another heroic-fantasy world with a very captivating story.

Best science fiction authors: Isaac Asimov, A.E. Van Vogt, Philip K. Dick (all of their books are great).

And currently Im ready an e-book on "how to sleep less and have more energy" but it's not really convincing so far...

I don't read that much to invest in a Kindle DX, but I save some e-books just in case :).
cr0w41261 Uploader
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25 November 2009
Roger Caron: "BINGO! Four Days in Hell" Love the way this man writes, I think he wrote another called "Go - Boy", both about his experiences in prison, prison riots and how he tried to get used to normal life again. Surprisingly well written too! Especially for someone who didn't really get much education. Very insightful :)

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capt kirk5828 KAT Elite Mod
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23 September 2009
At the moment I am reading "commando" books, they are little comic books normally war or western, for those who don't know what they are lol
MrPlow4 Uploader
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14 November 2009
I'm reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini.
QuickSeek3 Uploader
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12 December 2009
T.F. Manual :D
Yolovevenice1 Uploader
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01 January 2010
Winter Prey by John Sandford

Still looking for downloads of ebooks

Andrasta1118 Uploader
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10 January 2010
Just about to start the second book of the Trinity Trilogy by Fiona McIntosh called "Revenge".

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